Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I request support?
  • Browse the questions in the FAQs and if your answer is not found, submit a support request here.
  • How do I use this integration?
  • After authenticating with Cisco Webex Teams on this site's main page, you will be directed to a form to setup the the xMatters side of the integration. Once the xMatters integration has been completed and verified, the "Integration Admin" menu will present options to add the "Bot" component of this integration to a Webex Teams Space.
Webex Teams Bot Usage:
  • What is the difference between "add" and "invite"?
  • The bot command "add" adds the members of a xMatters Group to the current Space. The command "invite" leverages xMatters to notify the users, per their notification preferences, that they are requested to join a Webex Teams Space. The recipient is given the option to accept or decline. If they accept, they are added to the Webex Teams Space.
  • Is this a "Bot" or an "Integration"?
  • The xMatters Webex Teams integration is a bit of both. The integration component with Cisco Webex Teams is used for identity management and defining the initial Integration Admin for xMatters along with the assoicated xMatters configuration. Once that has been completed, you can either use the Webex Teams Bot Manager function of this site, or simply add the bot account "" to any Space. The bot facilitaes communication into the Space and the accepts commands from authorized users in the Space.
  • How does the bot identify and authenticate me once in a Webex Teams Space?
  • Once the integration has been created on this site, the Webex Teams User that initiated that integration is automatically mapped to the bot. Commands given to the Bot from this initial User apply to the xMatters instance associated with that Webex Teams User.
  • Can I add other users to this integration?
  • Yes. Once the initial setup is complete you can identify other Webex Teams users that will be mapped to this integration. These users will be able to interact with the bot, add it to their own Spaces, and perform all of the non-admin functions. Note that once the bot has authenticated a Space, either by identifying the Webex Teams User that added it, or from a message received from a Webex Teams User in the Space, others in the same Space will be able to interact with the Bot.
  • What commands can I use with the Bot?
  • Once the bot has been mapped to a user (or users), the Bot will respond to authorized users that enter the command "@xmatters help".
  • How do I add other users to this integration?
  • The integration admin (first user that created account) can add addtional users after logging into this web app. From the Integration Admin menu, select, xMatters User Permissions, add add the email addresses of those you wish to associate.
xMatters Integration:
  • Does this require that my Webex Teams e-mail address and xMatters e-mail address match?
  • The email address used to log into your xMatters instance must match the Webex Teams Email address you wish to use this integration with. Users that are added to the integration along with users that are found in your xMatters Groups must also match Webex Teams Email Accounts. If for some reason this is not the case with members of groups, those members are ignored for the "add" and "invite" function.
  • How do I remove this integration from xMatters?
  • There are several ways to accomplish this. You can remove the integration from the xMatters Integration menu option. Alternatively, the authentication token can also be revoked from the xMatters account of the Webex Teams user that initiated the initial integration.
  • What happens to the xMatters Webex Teams Integration when I delete the Token or User that initially set it up?
  • If the integration receives a authentication failure error, the Webex Teams User that created the integration will be sent a 1:1 Webex Teams message and the integration will be automatcally removed. This way the integration can be re-created in the event the original Integration Owner is no longer available.